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Mini Granules - natural from the earth

Cat Owner Benefits:

  • Suitable for Newborns, Kittens and Teens (0-2 Years)

  • 100% Natural - Eco Friendly

  • Superior Absorption

  • Strong Odour Control

  • Lightweight, Easy to Carry & Handle

  • Gentle on Paws

  • Suitable for litter training

  • Australian Owned & Made 


Available in 7L

"We love using Chandler Soft as part of our kittens’ litter training, with no extra effort on our behalf.”

Diana Rayment, Shelter Supervisor, Second Chance Animal Rescue

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* only at IGA (QLD, VIC, SA and WA)


“I love the fine litter in the light blue pack. It is so good for the kittens, not so hard on their teeny beanies"

Rene S.

My foster cats love using Chandler cat litter, especially the soft litter. I like that it clumps easily, making scoop time easier. It helps manage odour too. I Love it!"

Casey F.

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