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Chandler Original®, Chandler Soft® & Fussy Cat® are made from 100% Attapulgite clay, a highly absorbing natural material perfect for cat litter product.


The high sorbent quality comes from its compound structure known as hydrated magnesium aluminium silicate, a unique 3-layer strips, joined at the corners (see diagram below). This allows the large invisible surface to absorb and lock in large amounts of liquids and odours


Established for over 30 years, Chandler Cat Litter owns and distributes our 100% natural cat litter range to Australia-wide supermarkets, pet and online stores.
Chandler Cat Litter has been working closely with:
  • Sydney Dogs & Cats Home’s (NSW)
  • Cat Haven’s (WA)
  • Second Chance Animal Rescue (VIC)
  • Mid West Cat Shelter(WA)
  • RSPCA Western Australia
Our all natural cat litter brands: Chandler and Fussy Cat litter are 100% owned, manufactured and produced by Australia's largest non-clumping cat litter clay specialist, Hudson Marketing Pty Ltd.
For more information, please visit Hudson Marketing Pty Ltd

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