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Keep your cat safe and warm this winter

Cats can catch a cold, just like us humans. That’s why it is ideal for your cat to stay warm inside this cold winter season. You might have given them some extra blankets on their bed to sleep on but here are a few extra tips to make sure your furry friend is comfortable.

  • If you have an older cat who has arthritis, provide additional warmth specifically to their joints.

  • Usually cats sleep a lot during the winter months, schedule daily activities where you spend some time with your cats.

  • If your older cat suffers from joint pain/arthritis, it is ideal not to put the litter box in a very cold place like the garage. Try placing the litter box, somewhere warmer like your laundry. If you live in an apartment building and you have a shared laundry, place the litter tray inside your toilet.

  • if your cat normally sleeps on the floor, let them sleep on a rug or raised mat. This will provide warmth when they are asleep.

To ensure your cat can enjoy the full comforts of staying warm indoors, stock up on Chandler cat litter. That way their litter tray is always full of their favourite choice of Chandler cat litter.

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