“I love using Chandler for the shelter cats. It keeps them clean, reduces odours and encourages normal elimination behaviours.”

Dr Renae Jackson Veterinarian, Sydney Dogs and Cats Home

"Better than most...

Good for adult cats as it absorbs well and leaves less dust around the place. I find that I don't need to change it more than once a week."

Product Review - May 2021

"This is quite good!

...Doesn't seem to produce ,much dust and nicely absorbs smells."

Product Review - May 2021

"Used lots of litter, got this and never looked back so perfect for our little kitties. It soaks up all the bits that they do and always seem to be happy to use it :)"

Gregh - Product Review - May 2021

"I work for a shelter and this litter is great for all our cats and kittens. It is easy to set up, replace and dispose of. Chandler has done amazing!"

Vet - Product Review - May 2021

"Excellent product and community minded!

This is a great product and Chandler are a big supporter of rescue! It's low mess and absorbs odours fantastically! All cat owners should use this litter and help support rescue organisations"

Kevin N. - Product Review - May 2021

"Fantastic Product!

I work in a shelter and we use this litter, it really helps absorb the smells, which is great especially in a small space for cats. It also has very little dust. Would love if it came in bigger bags"

Holly J. - Product Review - May 2021

“This is a fantastic natural product Australian made and owned. It is very reasonably priced, can be recycled in the garden and lasts longer than other kitty litters.

Well Done Chandler!”

Julie Dore

“Barn our cat is 12 years old. When he was only young we tried a few different brands. But have used Chandler Cat Litter the original one for about 11 of those years. Wouldn't use anything else. Great product!"

Riitta Smith

“I just wanted to let everyone know that my cat loves Chandler kitty Litter and she won't go to any other one … there's something about Chandler that is the BEST and I just wanted to say to everyone that my cat and I are very happy with the product ...”

Chris G.

“My cat Teddy loves nothing more than digging and sometimes even sleeping in his Chandler Cat Litter”

Kerry C.

Chandler Original.png
Chandler Soft (1).png

"We love using Chandler Soft as part of our kittens’ litter training, with no extra effort on our behalf.”

Diana Rayment, Shelter Supervisor, Second Chance Animal Rescue

"Love the product"

As cat and kitten Foster Carers for Second Chance Animal Rescue we started using the soft mini granules litter. It's the best litter for Kittens as it is small enough to not stick or annoy the kitten's feet as they learn to use the litter tray. It absorbs odours well and easy to scoop out including the urine.

I love it so much that I have now started using it with our adopted cats that came from Second Chance Animal Rescue.

Storm one of our cats loves it so much that as soon as I chance the litter to a new batch he just loves to roll around in it.

Thank you Chandler for making our cats and us happy!"

Mirella B. - Product Review - May 2021

"So soft, purrfect for kittens!

It's very soft and great for liter training kittens. My foster kittens have preferred this to the larger granules and seem more keen to learn using the tray. It's very easy to tidy up, doesn't spread much and is easy to scoop urine.

Casey F. - Product Review - May 2021

"Perfect for Kittens!

Chandler Soft is just perfect for kittens! The fine granules are soft on the kittens paws, there is no odour issues and it is easy to clean. I love it!

Kerry - Product Review - May 2021

“I love the fine litter in the light blue pack. It is so good for the kittens, not so hard on their teeny beanies"

Rene S.

My foster cats love using Chandler cat litter, especially the soft litter. I like that it clumps easily, making scoop time easier. It helps manage odour too. I Love it!"

Casey F.

“I was given a bag of the new soft litter to try and I am delighted to tell you my cats love it”

Pat W.