To many cat lovers, our cat care brand, Chandler Cat Litter is synonymous with premium and eco-friendly qualities.
Chandler Cat Litter is renowned for their effective odour-control and long-lasting performance as well as being suitable for cats of all ages.
Let us tell you why we are your furry friend's next best choice to solve all your litter problems.
Originally established in 1991, and Australian owned & made, Chandler Cat Litter Range offers cat owners quality cat litter products. Using 100% natural and high quality non-clumping Attapulgite clay, our product is proven to be the best choice for cats and their owners.


Chandler Original Cat Litter & Chandler Soft Kitten Litter are made from 100% Attapulgite clay, a highly absorbing natural material perfect for cat litter product.
The high sorbent quality comes from its compound structure known as hydrated magnesium, aluminium silicate, a unique 3-layer strips, joined at the corners (see diagram below). This allows the large invisible surface to absorb and lock in large amounts of liquids and odours.

We have been supplying Sydney Dogs & Cats Home with cat litter needs since 2008. We are very proud to be able to support SDCH's mission on never placing a time limit on the animals in their care.

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We are proud to announce that we are an official sponsor of Cat Haven (WA). We have been a strong supporter of Cat Haven by  supplying them with cat litter for their shelter and store for over 5 years.

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We have been supplying much needed cat litter to Second Chance Animal Rescue (SCAR) VIC. SCAR's mission is to enrich the lives of companion animals by reducing overpopulation, increasing adoptions and engaging the hearts, hands and minds of the community.

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Mid West Cat Shelter is a not-for-profit organisation located in Geraldton, WA that aims to promote the humane treatment and well-being of cats in the Mid West region. We have been proud sponsors of Mid West Cat Shelter since mid-2018.


We have been proud sponsors of RSPCA Western Australia since Feb 2019. RSPCA WA, established 125 years ago is WA's oldest, largest and leading animal welfare charity, promoting public awareness about animal welfare and advocating for improvements in the way people relate to animals.


"We love using Chandler Soft as part of our kittens’ litter training, with no extra effort on our behalf.”

Diana Rayment, Shelter Supervisor

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“I love using Chandler for the shelter cats. It keeps them clean, reduces odours and encourages normal elimination behaviours.”

Dr Renae Jackson Veterinarian