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Make your cat comfortable with your home

When adopting a new kitty, it is best to make your furry new friend ‘furrmiliar’ with your living arrangement. Your living space should be a cat friendly environment where they can play and enjoy your company. Here are some considerations to keep in mind:

  • With landlords being a lot more tolerant with pets in apartment blocks, there has been a rise in cats living in high-rises. If you do adopt a cat, make sure your neighbours and landlord are okay with this. Also, ensure you make windows and balconies more secure for your furry little friends.

  • Let your new friend explore your house on their own, make them familiar with where everything is inside.

  • If you live near a main road, try to raise your cat inside as it may be a bit r-hiss-ky for them to stay outside.

  • If a loved one is allergic to cats, it is paw-rabley best to avoid adopting one.

  • Consider the furniture inside your home; is it cat friendly or do you think your cat will be injured by your favourite glass coffee table?

  • And of course, make sure your litter tray is filled with clay cat litter is important so that you have one less item to worry about when it comes to toilet training your kitten. Who knows?! Perhaps a bag of Chandler Original Cat Litter 7L or Chandler Soft Cat Litter 7L might be the most suitable litter for your little furry one!

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