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How does your cat show affection

You think your cat might not like you but their affectionate behaviour is very different to dogs. They tend to show affection by:

  • Slow eye blinking

So, this is pretty much a kitty kiss. The slower they blink the more kisses they are giving you. Have you ever noticed this once you enter the house after a long hard day at work?

  • Cats show love by grooming you

You know they love you because they start to groom you with their tongue. Have you ever noticed an unusual amount of times your cat has come onto you and started to lick you?

  • They show love with their excitement when you return home

if they run to the door every time you return home they love you a lot.

Remember: cats love is very subtle. You probably won’t realise they are behaving as they are because they love you and care for you.

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