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Keeping your Cats Entertained

While cats seem to prefer social independence, recent studies have revealed that cats enjoy interacting with owners, in many cases preferring human interaction over food.

Here is a list of a few tried and tested things to keep your cat entertained while you are at work.

Cardboard boxes – Yes please! Unanimously voted as the ultimate cat pleaser, empty cardboard boxes can serve the purpose of a good sleep pod, a sleigh or a castle that your cat can rule from

leaving different sized boxes around can keep your cat busy for hours. Plus, you might be treated to some pretty amusing footage if you have a home camera installed.

Cat furniture – Cat specific furniture such as scratching posts and cat trees can help prevent claw damage to your premium leather couch. An elaborate tree setup with a few hiding posts and cat lookouts can keep your pets active and entertained. You can alternatively spread out dry treats along the course as additional motivation to explore.

Another cat – While introducing a new cat to your house can be a big responsibility, introducing your cat to a new friend can be both challenging and time consuming. If done correctly, they will keep each other’s company without too much fuss about your absence.

Food dispenser toys - If food motivates your cat, a treat-based toy can be a great tool to keep your cat entertained. These toys are available with a variety of new puzzles that allow your cat to access a treat when moved in a way. Good news is there are always more challenging puzzle toys available ensuring that your cat never runs out of a good challenge.

Bird watching – install a bird feeder near your cat’s favourite window and watch your pet stare away endlessly. Your cat will be glued to the sight of birds squabbling over seed which can serve as hours of seamless entertainment.

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