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Cat Owners guide to an Odour free home

Have you ever left your furry feline friend at home for the day and came home to unwanted and unpleasant odours around the house?

Here are some helpful tips to keep your home odour free:

Keep the Litter Box clean

By scooping out the cats business from the litter box on a daily basis rather than when it’s full will help reduce any unwanted odours in the home.

Keep the Litter Box in an open space

Cat litter boxes aren’t the most attractive to keep in an open space but by open space we don’t mean the living room or wherever it may be highly visible. Rather any room with sufficient ventilation will be ideal. If you leave the litter box in an enclosed or small area with minimal ventilation the odour will become overwhelming.

Cat food and water

Try and avoid leaving the cat’s food and water outside for long periods of time as they become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. If possible try to clean the feeding area after each meal.

Air purifier

An air purifier will help remove contaminants from the air and help keep your home as odour free as possible. Alternatively you can open windows and let natural fresh air into the home.

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