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Funny pet products available on the internet

Funny pet products available on the internet. New pet owners are usually stressed about buying basic things for their pets. Before a new pet is introduced in the house, parents usually spend days making a checklist of things that will be required for the pet to feel at home. There are a few things which are absolutely mandatory when bringing your furry baby home. Pets need litter, and pet owners need it to be natural, environmentally friendly as well as reusable as compost and picking that could be as confusing as buying water/food bowls, collar with name tags, toys, cat/dog food, etc. But people also buy weird and absolutely hilarious stud for their pets on the internet. Given that there are hundreds of websites on the world wide web that have an extensive collection of pet products, it makes total sense that you can purchase some pretty bizarre product for your pets. Here are the top 5 insanely bizarre products you can buy on the internet. 1. Ice-cream mix for dogs:

Let your dog enjoy “Puppy scoops Ice cream mix” for dogs which you can purchase on Amazon for less than 10 US$. Your dog will love you more than ever. 2. Room with a view:

Let your cat or dog enjoy a balcony of their own. Available on Amazon, Merry Products Wood Pet Home assemble in less than 20 minutes and consists of natural wood stains, latticework, a staircase and a balcony which could very well be more luxurious than your house. 3. Beer for dogs:

Available on Amazon, Bowser beer consists of healthy vitamins. This can be poured over your dog food and the best part is, NO HANGOVERS! 4. Cat Laptop:

This cat laptop does not really work the same way as a normal laptop does, but it does have a scratching pad along with a fluffy toy mouse to keep your feline baby entertained. 5. Inflatable unicorn horn:

Available on Ebay, you can now dress your cat up in an inflatable unicorn horn.

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