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What you need to know when managing multiple cats

The big question you need to ask is what is your fur-nincial position? Can you af-fur-d it?

  • Cats are territorial

Providing them with their own space can be great but make sure they have their own cat litter trays! It is ideal to spread them through the house as they like their own privacy. Given their formidable sense of smell it is essential to clean the litter box at least once a day.

  • Bulk cat litter

It is also important to ensure you have plenty of cat litter available. Bulk packs of cat litter is available in the Australian cat litter market. For those who wish to look for larger packs than our Chandler Original and Soft 7L Cat Litter, there is the option of purchasing Fussycat Cat Litter in 15L or 30L bags that are readily available nationally in Australia.

  • Cat furr-iends?

Selecting the right nature of cat is also useful in determining cat chemistry. Younger cats will demand different needs, which is why buying young siblings is the best way to manage multiple cats. Young siblings tend to play and socialize, and this is a bond that becomes increasingly purr-ecious as they grow older.

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