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What are the key differences between indoor and outdoor cats?

The cons of having an outdoor cat far outweigh the benefits and it is a subject in which veterinarians and organizations have reached common consensus on. Whilst the average in door cat lives up to 12 years and can even live up to 20, the average out door cat lives only 5 years.

The outdoor cat is more prone to dangers of the outside world, whether it is cars, prey, poisons or diseases. Outdoor cats are also more likely to be lost. Only 5% of lost cats in cat shelters are reclaimed by their owners and in many cases, lost ones are abducted for the sake of selling cat fur or animal experimentation.

Compared to their indoor counterparts, outdoor cats are more likely to fight neighbourhood cats and run a higher risk of catching fatal disease from unvaccinated felines. Fur-tunately, all cats can be domesticated.

For outdoor cats this takes time, but provide them with the right accessories and an adequate amount of love and they’ll soon adjust to the domestic lifestyle. A good sign of its progress will be when it switches from using pot soil to cat litter when it needs to go bathroom. Try Chandler Original Cat Litter 7L, you never really know if they like that litter until they try it!

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