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Make your outdoor cat an indoor cat

With winter’s chilly months returning, you might be a bit concerned about your furry friend staying outdoors. Benefits to letting them stay inside are they are less pur-rone to catching diseases from other stray cats they socialise with. Here are some tips to try and get your little friend comfortable indoors:

  • One by one, bring their toys and food inside

If your cat plays outside, try to frequently bring them inside to play with their toys. Once they’re inside, they will be more comfortable to eat inside also.

  • Build your kitty some shelter inside

Making their own little shelter inside your house will speed the transition up. It would be ideal to place their shelter somewhere you spend a lot of time and warm. Some breeds are very affectionate so they would like to stay as close to their owner as possible. Other breeds are independent, where they prefer to rest by themselves.

  • Litter tray training

Place your litter tray where it is easy to reach and not noisy. It will be an easier adjustment if you start to use Chandler Cat Litter as they prefer non-clumping and quite fine litter [1]. It controls odour and is environmentally friendly meaning you can place the dirty litter inside your green bin.

  • Playtime then mealtime

When you are home, try regularly playing with your kitty so they feel more comfortable and active indoors. If they lay around the house all day, they will want to stay outdoors where they could climb and have fun. Show your kitty staying indoors is also fun.


[1] Lorie Huston, DVM,

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