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Fleas and Ticks? What are they?

Dogs are not the only pets who get ticks and fleas, cats do as well. That is why it is important for your cat to receive treatment once-a-month (depending on the type of treatment).

Fleas are the most common type of parasites for cats. They appear on the fur and can live for up to 7-14 days. It can be a real pain if you do not give your cat any treatment, as these pests tend to lay eggs on your carpet and spread around the house until they are killed.

You can easily notice when your cat has fleas as they are continuously scratching and biting at their fur. The fleas look like tiny pieces of dirt that cling onto your cat’s fur and cannot be brushed off. Summer is the most popular time for fleas to appear on your furry friend’s skin as the temperature and humidity is high.

If your cat is pregnant, you need to check with your vet which treatments are safe for her. Some can be poisonous and may affect her kittens.

Using a simple external treatment, bought at your local supermarket or veterinarian is ideal.

Ticks are slightly different to fleas, they are tiny blood suckers who stick your cats fur and suck the blood from your cat.

You must treat your cat immediately for this as it can be an issue if left untreated. You will find ticks around the head and neck of your cat. They look like human head lice and can be treated with your Vet’s help. Any flea control products have the chemicals to kill off any insects living on your cat’s fur.

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