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How often should I groom my cat?

Frequent grooming for cats is a good way to keep your cats coat clean and healthy. Some breeds usually have shorter hair so they groom themselves. Other breeds have longer, thicker hair and require brushing nearly every week.

The frequency of having to clean and groom them depends on whether they are an outdoor or indoor cat. Assuming, an indoor cat does not really need much cleaning as they do not get so dirty. However, an outdoor cat may play in the mud and become quite dirty. Outdoor cats also obtain fleas easier than indoor cats. Usually checking for ticks and fleas is ideal to help keep your furry friend clean.

If you believe your cat is in good health, you do not have to wash them so frequently as you know they are caring for themselves. However, if you believe your furry friend is ill, it is ideal to wash them at least fortnightly so any germs they have are removed.

If you feel like your lifestyle is too busy to cater for grooming at home, you can always hire a pet groomer to wash and groom your cat.

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