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How your cat keeps YOU healthy and happy

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Whether you have a cat of your own or just love scrolling through cat memes, folks love cats! There are so many benefits cats give to their owners, here are just a few.

  • Cats help you live longer

So, before you go and adopt a hundred new cats, read the science behind this proposition. Leslie A. Lyons, an assistant professor at the University of California states cats purr at a frequency level of 25-150 hertz. Some investigators proved frequencies at this range can help improve bone density and promote healing. This means your purring cat can help you with joint pain and even shortness of breath. [1]

  • Owning a cat can help stress

The university of Minnesota completed a study suggesting those who owned cats were less likely to stress about minor things in their life. Cat owners also had fewer sleeping difficulties had less visits to the doctor.

  • Reduce heart attacks by 40%

Having a cuddly friend to curl up to is great enough but knowing that it significantly reduces the chances of dying from a heart attack is another thing. The study by the Minnesota university showed 4,435 Americans aged 30-75 having a reduced risk of suffering from a heart attack. [2]

  • With cats, comes laughter

Any cat owner will know, when you have a furry friend in your house there will be a few hilarious moments. It is impossible not to laugh at your own kitty sometimes falling over or being scared by a toaster. Just look up the endless amount of cat videos and gif's on social media.

A new study reveals that 20-30 minutes of laughter a day can actually keep the doctor away. Loma Linda University found if elderly people over the age of 50 have a little humour in their life, it can actually enhance your learning ability and delayed recall. [3]

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