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Is your cat a fussy groomer?

Whether your cat is an outdoor cat or an indoor cat, they all can get a little dirty sometimes. Bathing and grooming your furry friend can be a little difficult as they are known to dislike water. To avoid them scratching and clawing you, there are a few tricks to get them a little more comfortable with the water.

  • On the day of their bath try to make them relaxed

It might be an active playtime right before the bath, so they are more relaxed and sleepy. This will help them ease into the warm water where the water might comfort them.

  • Furr your information

For your own safety, it is best to trim their claws maybe a few days before their scheduled bath. Try to trim at an angle which will not hurt them or make them bleed.

Screaming may be your biggest issue… If they are screamer, add little bath toys inside to keep them distracted.

  • Avoid getting water into their ears!

Brush off any loose strands and then place a rubber non-slip mat or towel into the bath (or wherever they are being bathed). After this is done, place them onto the mat without the water filled up. Let them get used to the feeling of being inside a contained environment. [1]

Slowly fill the lukewarm water up to their feet and then turn the tap off.

Depending on how dirty your cat is, it is best to use a spray bottle when washing him/her. By using this, it will avoid them clawing at you and target the affected areas.

Tip: Place clean cotton wool balls inside their ears CAREFULLY to make sure no water gets inside. Gently remove it when you are drying them.

  • Lather up

Once your little one is all wet, place a dollop of shampoo into the tub and then rub the solution into their fur. This will help with any skin irritation. You do not have to wash their head/facial area as they are the most sensitive. At most, get a warm clean towel and clean their face softly.

Do not use human shampoo as it will dry out their skin and cause irritation. Rinse the shampoo off, carefully avoiding the facial area.

  • Drying time

Finally, it is time to get dry. It is ideal to dry your cat in a warm enclosed environment. If they do not mind the noise, use a hairdryer on the lowest heat/speed. Once dry, carefully place them out of the tub and then let them relax inside your house.

Your bathing beauty is now all clean! Maybe give them a treat so they become more comfortable and like the idea of bathing.

[1] Source:

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