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Cat life hacks will make your life easier

Source: Lisa Romerein

Cats are quite clever, but they are also mischievous sometimes. Making DIY toys to help keep your cat entertained during the day is ideal for any cat owner.

  • Do you struggle to hide away your litter box when you have guests?

Hiding away cat litter is sometimes difficult, when you live in an apartment block and have guests over. However, here is a nifty life hack that will make your life way easier. Remove a glass panel from your door and place a curtain on the outside of the door. Place your Chandler litter within your tray and leave it behind the door.

That way you can close the curtain when guests are over and then re-open them when they leave.

  • Your cat may be under active in the winter time

If so, you can cut out squares in an old bookshelf and create a leaping tower for your kitty. This will keep your cats entertained for hours whilst you are away from your home.

  • Want a more minimalist scratching post?

Using superglue, stick a small carpet sample to a wooden square. Attach that to a wall high enough for your cat to use as a scratching post.

  • Does your kitty shed their hair a lot?

Use a kitchen rubber glove to scrape up cat fur off furniture. This hack can also be used on any upholstery that your cat uses.

  • DIY Cat puzzle

Take an empty paper roll and place your cats treats inside. Secure the roll with crumpled up newspaper placed between the two openings. This allows your cats to try and get the treats out of the paper roll.


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