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Tips and tricks to train your cat

It is much easier than you thought to train your cat to come when called, use their cat litter properly and not fuss so much when they are having a bath.

  • Punishment is a no no

You cannot punish any pets if they have done something wrong, it causes stress and anxiety upon them. This also could lead to health problems and further behavioral problems.

  • Treats and a clicker!

When your cat does something desirable, it is ideal to be treated with a biscuit. This positive reinforcement will make them repeat good behaviors because they know they will be treated.

Also, buying a clicker (or using a clicker pen) is ideal as they hear the noise of the click and they associate it with good behavior.

  • Shake shake

You can teach your cat to shake hands with you, once your cat understands the basics of training.

  1. Align yourself with your cat.

  2. Tap your cat’s paw whilst saying ‘shake’. When they move their paw, use the clicker to appreciate the good behavior.

  3. Repeat training after a few days without the tapping.

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