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Declawing your cat is a thing now?

In England it is classified as 'inhumane' and 'unnecessary mutilation' but in America it is legal. Declawing your cat is becoming more controversial everyday, with more and more people knowing about the issue.


It is the amputation (cutting off) of the last bone for each toe and hand. It is done by a practicing veterinarian and is very controversial in the United States. If it was performed on a human, it would be like cutting off each of your fingertips.

A few days after the surgery is complete, shredded newspaper is used instead of cat litter to stop irritation to the wounds.

It is common for cats after their declawing procedure tend to become biters as they no longer have their claws as an act of self-defense.


Pet owners do not like the clawing from their cat so they complete this surgery so they do not scratch them. In comparison to a human, it is like cutting your knuckles off so your punches hurt less.

A number of pet organisations in the United States are running petitions online to ban declawing in all states of the US.

Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Wales, Finland and Brazil are among the many countries that either consider declawing illegal or inhumane, only allowing it under extreme circumstances.

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