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Does my cat know their name?

Yes! You can train your cat to do this simple thing. It’s much easier than you thought it would be and it could save your cats life. If you follow these simple tricks, your cat will come on time for meals.

If your cat already comes when they hear a packet of biscuits being opened or a can opener, let this aid you for training.

  • Call your cat immediately before you make this sound.

Once you repeat this over and over, your cat will understand your call and come to you immediately. They know your call is linked with meals, this will be more tempting for them to come on call.

  • Don’t take it for granted

If you call your cat and they come on call, do not take it for granted. Reward them with a treat or Chandler Original Cat Litter so they are more likely to come next time.

  • The best time to train them is when they are a kitty

Small minds are easy to train, rather than when they are older. If you know they will be fussy to come like giving them medicine or cutting their nails, go to them. Don’t let your cat wonder if it is worth going to their owner, one day it may save their life to quickly go to you.

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