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"Use your litter tray, Belle!" A guide to get your cat to use their tray

The most common reason a cat will not use their litter box is because it is kept dirty and not scooped every day. If your kitty has an accident outside of their litter box, do not punish or scold them. This will only cause them stress and be frightened of you.

  • If your kitty is newly adopted

Put your litter box close to their hiding spot and make them stay in one room if you leave. Place your clean litter tray in one corner and their warm bed in the other corner. This will help them use the tray more as they are closest to it.

  • Do not constantly change the litter

Kittens or cats do not like change, so stick to one brand. Chandler Cat Litter Original is non-clumping and does not track around the house. Try this litter for yourself and see if it works for your kitty.

Also, place the litter tray in a warm and quiet area. Just like humans, we do not really like going to toilet when it is too noisy or cold. It makes us uncomfortable.

  • If you catch them defecating or urinating outside their tray

If you see your furry friend, relieving themselves outside of their tray, use a loud sound to startle them and make them understand what they are doing is wrong. You could use an old tin can with a few coins inside, if you rattle this they will be startled.

  • Tip: feed them where they are relieving themselves

If they are still urinating somewhere else besides their litter tray, try this tip.

If you feed them in the exact spot they are inappropriately relieving themselves, they will not do it in this spot anymore. This is because cats do not like eating where they defecate or urinate. You wouldn’t eat in your toilet?

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