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Is my kitty old enough to go exploring outside?

Your new born kittens are all grown up and they are ready to explore the big human world. If you are thinking of training them as an outdoor cat, you should have them vaccinated prior to keeping them outside.

It is ideal to let your kitty out after the first 15 weeks of being born as they need to have their first course of vaccinations. You may let them outside, fully supervised, prior to their vaccination to give them a tour of your house.

Before you give your kitty an open access pass to your house, you should have them neutered or spayed to avoid any diseases from stray cats. This process happens after 4 months and is ideal for every cat to avoid any infections and fighting with other cats.

If you are allowing your vaccinated and neutered kitty outside in your garden, make sure your backyard is safe. Cover any ponds or lakes nearby and block any holes they could fall into. Move any insecticides and other poisonous liquids from the backyard to somewhere safer.

On their first day of seeing the outside, it is ideal to let them go on a quiet dry day. They will be more comfortable with their surroundings on a nice warm day. For the first 2 weeks, you should let them roam outside with your supervision. Then after this period, you can let them have unsupervised access. Don’t be alarmed if your kitty disappears somewhere, this is completely normal to get them accustomed to the new environment they will be living in.

Once they are comfortable, let them outside for up to an hour and then call them inside for their meal. Repeat this every time they are left outside unsupervised so they know when to come back from their adventures.

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