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It's Vaccine Season!

Just like us humans, we need to be vaccinated to be protected from harmful diseases. This is the same for cats, they need to be vaccinated from life threatening illnesses.

A vaccine for your cat is given through an injection under the skin. It could also be given as eye drops or nose sprays. There are different diseases around the world, but in Australia your cat will be vaccinated for:

  • Feline Diabetes

  • Feline Kidney Failure

  • Cat HIV/AIDS:

  • Feline Chlamydia

  • Cat Flu


When they turn 8 weeks of age, they receive their first vaccination and then will be followed up after 4 weeks.

After they have received their final vaccination, they are able to play outside freely. This is around the 14-16 weeks. If you are unsure please check with your vet first.

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