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Never see cat fur around the house again

Are you constantly seeing your cats fur on the sofa and around your house? Here are some simple rules to follow so you don’t have to vacuum your home every day.

Brush your cat often

Your problem is starting on your cat so brushing away loose furs would help you majorly. This means that there will be less to shed around your house. Most cats love being brushed if you don’t apply too much pressure. Try using a rubber brush as it attracts hair naturally.


Perhaps the reason they may excess shedding is because of their diet, if they have a dry and protein-free diet they will shed a lot more. A natural high-quality diet will keep their fur from becoming dry.

Dust cleaner, microfiber cloth and a vacuum

This is the best way to get rid of any cat tumbleweeds around your house. First use a microfiber cloth to pick up any small loose furs then use a vacuum to suck up the excess.

Baking Soda is your new best friend

One of baking soda’s many talents is to disrupt static between upholstery and cat fur. Sprinkle a little on your rug and it will loosen the hair, making it easy to just vacuum up. Leaving baking soda for a few minutes also absorbs the odor.

Cats that shed less

If you don’t have a cat and are willing to adopt one into your home, cat breeds that shed less are the:

  • Cornish Rex

  • Devon Rex

  • Sphynx

  • Peterbald

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