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Pet insurance? Do I actually need it?

Pet insurance covers the cost of medical emergencies, injuries and unexpected diseases for your furry friend. Here is a guide to save you money with pet insurance, whether you have an older cat or a younger kitty.

For young pets:

Pet insurance prepares for the unexpected, such as: accidents and diseases. Once an injury has occurred, most pet insurance covers 80% - 90% of the claim.

For old pets:

The older your pets, the more likely they are to illness. This means your monthly/yearly payment will increase. Pet insurance is a kind of guarantee offering the best healthcare available for your pets.

Savings or Cost?

The benefit of this is not only the interest, but the sum of money you can receive to make sure your cat is healthy and happy.

For example, if your kitty is lost or in an accident within seven days of adoption, you can claim compensation from the insurance company. Pet insurance is an ideal way to keep your cat happy and illness free.

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