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When and why should I get my cat microchipped?

A microchip is a tiny, grain-size chip that sits just under the skin to electronically identify your cat. Each chip has a unique number that is detected by a microchip scanner. Information about the owner is recorded by the RSPCA or a vet if your furry friend ever becomes a stray or gets lost. Councils even have the tools to find your lost furry friend.

If you live in the state of NSW, it is compulsory to microchip your pet. Under the Companion Animals Act 1998 section 8, states microchipping of cats and dogs must occur at either 12 weeks of age or prior to sale/transfer of pet.

If you’re worried that it might hurt your little friend, do not fret. It is a pain-free, fast process that will be done in no-time.

Microchipping is very important for owners to find their lost/stray pet. Book an appointment this weekend to have your pet microchipped. Some local councils do it free of charge, head to your local council website whether you can take up this offer.

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