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Are you using the right cat litter?

Choosing the right litter for your fur baby can be quite the task. The above table may help you decide which type of cat litter is suitable for your cats.

Crystal cat litter:

Pro: Crystal cat litter needs to be changed less frequently as it is long lasting.

Pro: It reduces the amount of waste the cat litter builds up.

Pro: The litter is less likely to grow bacteria than any other cat litter material.

Con: Crystals are quite hard on the paws so your cat may not like this material.

Con: As it is non-clumping, it can get saturated with urine and be a pain to clean up.

Clay cat litter:

Pro: It is cheaper than other cat litter ranges and it also comes in a scented & unscented variety

Con: the unscented variety does not do much to hide the smell of your fur babies number 1 or 2

Con: Some generic clay brands litter track around the house which makes it a real pain to clean up after they have used their tray. #ThinkAboutYourCarpet


Attapulgite cat litter:

Pro: Attapulgite, even though it is a clay, it is quite soft and will not hurt your furry friend.

Pro: it is 100% natural and hides the smell of your cat’s urine and poop.

Pro: it is non-clumping which means that it will not track around the house.

Con: Dust when pouring it into the tray is sometimes annoying but it is not as dusty as clay cat litter.

Find our Chandler Attapulgite Cat Litter range at your local IGA, Woolworths or Coles.

Soft-wood cat litter:

Pro: the best way to hide your cats smell is by soft wood cat litter.

Con: It tracks around the house and it is very hard to clean up as their urine seeps to the bottom of the tray.

Con: it is costly as well and not many brands make this type of cat litter.

Paper cat litter:

Pro: There is no dust when pouring the cat litter into the tray and it is cheap.

Pro: it is also ideal for cats that have just undergone surgery on their paws or even their legs as it is soft and does not contain chemicals that may hurt them.

Con: the granule size is however too big for fussy cats.

Con: it is clumping, meaning that it will stick your cat’s paws.

Recycled processed pellets:

Pro: It is dust-free just like some other materials.

Pro: it does not track around the house also as it is non-clumping

Con: the pellets do not hide the smell

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