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How to make your cat some more furry friends

Owning several cats is an easy way for your furry friend to become more sociable with young children and even other cat breeds. Cat socialisation is extremely important so your cat doesn’t become timid, distressed or aggressive around other cats. A very well socialised cat is affectionate, well-behaved and loving.

When adopting a cat, research breeds that are affectionate and loving towards other cats so you will have no problem when you bring them into your new home.

To start off slowly, it is best to pet and stroke your cats fur to make sure there are comfortable with their surroundings. Scratch your cat in areas that she likes like the top of her head or even her belly. Give her a treat and then make her more familiar with being surrounded by other cats.

Once your cat starts to become comfortable, it will be easy to just leave your furry friends alone while they socialise with one another. Even leaving around their favourite toy so the other cats can play with them is ideal.

Be patient- your cat will not love socialising the very next day, it may take a few weeks. 95% of the time, cats love having other cat friends. The other 5% do not and like being alone around the home. If so, make a separation that your other cats cannot get to so your furry friend has some alone time from the other cats.


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