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Key points to remember when taking care of older cats

Cat are now living for much longer due to better upkeep from their owners. With their increasing age, there are many changes to a cat’s physiology and behavior.

Home care for the elderly:

When your cats get older, they may need more care as it is difficult for them to maintain their own cleanliness. Examining your cat’s behavior will help you understand if your cat is healthy or not.

Claw Trimming:

It is difficult for elder cats to retract their claws and cat owners should check their nails weekly [2].


As cats get older their sluggish digestion and hair ingested may cause diseases such as chronic vomiting or constipation [3]. Special supplements and foods are needed to assist with their digestion.

Toilet habits:

Checking cat’s elimination in the litter tray is an opportunity to find out the indicators of diseases such as blood in the urine or poop.

Behavioral change:

With the age changes, cat’s behavior alters too. For instance, they hunt less, spend less time outside, less active and sleep for longer periods. They also tend to be more insecure and therefore need people’s company.


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