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Arthritis and your older cat

Feline arthritis is a common problem for geriatric cats who are older than 12. It is when the joints of your furry friend start to wear away. It can lead your cat to be in pain and decrease their quality of life.

Leading cause of arthritis:

  • Sprain,

  • Fracture

  • Infection

  • Genetics

  • Obesity

Common signs

Cats are very good at masking their pain, so here are some signs that you will notice if they are suffering from arthritis.

  • Reduce time grooming

  • Will not use their litter tray

  • More sleep ins

  • Stiffness

  • Might be more aggressive towards you

  • Will not be as active

  • Will not climb stairs or play


If you notice any of these signs, your first step is to go to the vet immediately. They will detect swelling or any inflammation within your furry friend. All cats will have a different treatment plan, there is not one medication that all cats take.

Your cat may need to go on a nutritional supplement tablet to replenish their cartilage, this is up to your vet however.

Talk to your vet to see which medication will be suitable.

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