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Care for your cats fur this Autumn!

To understand how healthy your cat is, you need to check your cats fur coat. If it is naturally shiny and springs back up when pressed, they are healthy. if it is dry and brittle, they may need more nutrition within their diet. Here are some tips on how to care for your cat fur and keep it well maintained.

  • Brush your cats fur twice a week. Long haired cats need extra attention as it tends to mat more often.

  • By boosting their diet with fatty acids and less carbohydrates they are likely to have a clean and healthy coat.

  • When shampooing and conditioning your cats fur, try to make it fun for them. When you first wash them, try to pet them as much as possible.

  • Use a bristle or rubber brush to remove any dead fur that is on their coat.

  • Try to limit their baths to maybe once a month as shampoo dries out the cat’s fur and may even destroy the oil gland.

  • Dry your cat off in a draft-free place with a towel. Straight after bathing, try brushing your cat so they are tangle-free.

  • Using a natural and organic shampoo is better as it does not contain any harsh chemicals.

  • If your cat is shedding a lot of their fur or you are noticing bald patches, you should seek your vets help to see what the cause of this could be.

  • Some cats grow a lot of hair, they may even grow it in between their toes. If so, it is easy to just clip away the excess fur if you feel they are constantly pawing and licking it.

  • Some cats are quite immune to skin problems and some are vulnerable. If you notice any excessive flaking or itching, biting at the fur or even licking the fur too much take your cat to the vet to make sure it is nothing serious.

  • Thoroughly clean and throw away your vacuum bag so there is no excess dust left in the air that might cause irritation to your cat.


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