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Cat personalities: which one fits your cat?

Cats may have 9 lives but they only have five personality types: The Human, the hunter cat, The Cat Cat, the Cantankerous and the inquisitive cat.

Human cat:

If your cat is a human cat, they just genuinely love being around you. They love being scratched and they love being inside your house.

The ideal house for a human cat is any home which has more peoples face to nuzzle and rest in their arms.

Hunter cat:

Some cats are born with hunting instincts as they excel at capturing their prey. They love having realistic toys such as interactive toy mice that run around the home.

These cats love having big backyards and a lot of rural space where they can capture their prey such as birds and mice. This will allow them to have plenty of open space without the worry of running out into the middle of the road.

Cats cat AKA Mother Hubbard

The trick is to socialize your cat at a very young age (before 9 weeks) so they get to know the personality of other breeds.

This type of cat’s love to spend time with their other furry friends like cleaning them and resting right near them. They rub up against each other and love to spend quality time together.

The Cantankerous cat

If you want a cat that is not fussed if you play with them or even if they have other friends to play with when you are gone, a Cantankerous cat is ideal.

They are naturally frustrated and on-edge and love to be left alone to do their own thing. They are low maintenance and do not tend to create a mess.

The inquisitive cat

They love smelling around the backyard and investigating any unfamiliar scents. They love the smell, sight and sound of new people entering their home as it gives them a chance to sniff some more.

They love new people and new environments so they would be great as an office cat or a home that has a lot of visitors.


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