Your cat's memory

Did you find your cat doing something they weren’t supposed to? Then find them 20 minutes later doing the same thing?

You think that your cat has a short-term memory problem but it is the opposite. Cats have a strong long-term memory. They can remember people and places for most of their life.

A cat’s memory and decision-making skills are the same as a 2 or 3-year-old child. They learn by observation. If you have seen your cat jump onto 5 things at once and still make it to your lap safety, then you’ve witnessed this ability.

As your cat ages, their brain function does decline. A disease in cats similar to Alzheimer’s in humans is Feline Cognitive Dysfunction. It is caused by the deterioration of the brain itself leading to reduced brain capacity. A cat with this condition may have accidents outside of their litter box and become disorientated easily. They might become anti-social and won’t have the same memory they had as a kitten.

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