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Top tips for cat treats

Sometimes you question whether your cat treats are the right fit for your furry friend. Are they healthy? Do they taste nice? Is he just eating it because he is hungry?


Cats develop a taste for treats just like humans. Sometimes cat owners give their furry friend too many treats and they look forward to them instead of their food. Keep cat treats a novelty, offer them only 2-3 times a week.

Food for humans, not cats:

Human food is made for humans, it is formulated to contain vitamins and minerals to keep you in good health. Your food can be given to your cat but in strict moderation. On the occasion, you can offer them small bits of tuna or even cooked chicken, liver and fish.

Every now and again you can give your cat a tablespoon of milk but nothing more than that. They are lactose intolerant and it may upset their stomach.

Avoid raisins and grapes

Avoid any toxic food that may be unsafe for your cat like raisins and grapes.

Avoiding calories:

There’s no way around it, treats add calories onto your cat’s diet. However, cutting out treats is not the best idea for your cat either. Have your cat evaluated by your vet and see what diet is best for your furry friend.

Fun & Fitness

Help your cat exercise their brain by using treats to train them. Indoor cats enjoy this more as they get tasty treats for doing as you say.

Healthy and natural

Cooking up liver, fish or eggs for your furry friend is the ideal way to keep treats healthier. Remember: treats should make-up only a small part of your cats diet.

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