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What you need to know about heart worm and your kitty

Heart worm is caused by the infestation of a parasite called roundworm that is present in the cat’s body. The severity depends on the duration of the infestation and the treatment of the cat owner.

Your furry friend can develop this infestation if they have not received their preventative shot. Luckily, cats have a smaller risk of developing heart worm than dogs.

You’ll notice when your cat has heart worm as they will be coughing a lot and maybe vomiting. If they are vomiting, it may be a chronic infestation and they must be taken to your local vet for a check-up.

Heart worm is spread through mosquito bites carrying heart worm larvae. In cats, this infestation lasts for a shorter amount of time than dogs, there is no cure. However, it is very important you give your kitty the heart worm booster to make sure they do not have to suffer.

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