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How to stop your cats from fighting

There are several reasons your two cats might not get along. It might be because your furry friend grew up alone and had little or no contact wither other feline friends. He might be afraid or lacks social kitty skills. As cats begin to mature, they might also have learnt to love each other’s company. In the meantime, here are some tips to stop your cats from fighting.

  • Don’t let your cats just ‘fight it out’. Just like us humans no issue is ever resolved with fighting, it usually just makes it worse.

  • Clap your hands loudly and try to interrupt the aggression. If necessary, take out the water spray bottle and spray them both. Both cats will know for next time not to do it again.

  • Males are particularly more aggressive if they are not neutered. So, get your two kitties de-sexed ASAP.

  • Separate their resources, cats can usually be very competitive. Provide multiple food bowls and separate your Chandler Cat Litter boxes.

  • litter boxes in different areas of your house.

  • Give your cat some space after they have fought. Do not try to hold her or soothe her, keep clear.

  • If you see the two cats later interacting in a friendly manner, reward them with a treat

  • Provide your cat with a variety places to hide so they can calm down when they have just fought.

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